Winter-warmer recipes: Comfort Foods – which aren’t packed with calories

Made with low calorie Hermesetas

As the weather changes and the colder nights draw in, these healthy and hearty winter warmers have the feel good factor for those dark evenings. With around the world inspiration, these delicious recipes will take you from Italy to Morocco and also have a healthy twist. Finish off your evening meal or Sunday lunch with these healthy, nourishing puddings and cakes, from Gingerbread to Flambéed Bananas. These healthy desserts can also be used when entertaining during this festive season.

There is nothing better than spending time with family and friends at this time of the year, and after a walk in the country at the weekend or on a rainy day, why not try these comfort food recipes which are not only low in calories but also in sugar and  still have the same full flavour which everyone can enjoy.

These healthy dinners and desserts really have the feel-good factor and are not just delicious but are nutritious too. The whole family will love these recipes, whether you spend time making them together or if you serve them when guests pop round, and they will love it when you tell them these are super healthy, low in calories and low in sugar.