Sweet and Healthy: What’s New?

Energy for the whole day – the benefits of a balanced breakfast

During sleep our body uses the night for regeneration and in the process uses up some of its available energy reserves. Since the brain and muscles always need new fuel, we then need to refill the empty energy stores. Our ability to concentrate and perform well during the day depends largely on what we eat in the morning. If you don’t eat anything, you’re running on empty. A balanced breakfast, on the other hand, gives us power for the morning and forms a solid basis for the whole day ahead.


Healthy drinking habits

As temperatures climb higher and higher in summer, our need for fluids increases. No wonder – water is vital for us; our body consists of 65 percent of it. Water plays a central role in our bodies. It is a component of all body cells as well as essential fluids, and serves as a solvent for metabolic processes as well as the transport of nutrients to the cells. In summer, another task of particular importance is added: the regulation of body temperature. When we sweat, the body cools down, but at the same time it loses fluid. We have to compensate for this deficit by drinking enough healthy fluids to replenish the moisture in our bodies.

Toy wearing a mask

Say Goodbye to Coronablues – with the right diet!!

A year has now passed since our lives changed fundamentally. Some of us now meet colleagues and clients through panels of Plexiglas, or on computer screens. Others of us wear masks for so long, that they leave sore spots. Still others are using their ironing board as a height-adjustable desk. In addition to our work or profession, we are also taking on the role of educators, and it is not all that easy for us. We also often experience unprecedented mood lows and accumulate Corona kilos. For some, something once as simple as having lunch has suddenly turned into a big challenge.

We may not be able to return the light-heartedness of days gone by at the touch of a button, but our tips for planning your meals properly will help you put together a balanced, varied diet, rich in vitamins and minerals, to help you stay physically and mentally fit.

Fatty foods placed in the shape of a heart

Not all fat makes you fat

Fat has a bad reputation. Many of us fall for the error that all fat makes us fat – almost immediately after we have swallowed it in the form of rinds of bacon or nuts. But far from it. Because fat fulfils important functions in our body, and along with protein and carbohydrates, is one of our three main nutrients, the so-called macronutrients.

Don’t let yourself be infected by the omnipresent fat phobia: learn everything essential about fats and their importance for our bodies.

coffee and tea cups

Coffee or tea?

Coffee or tea? Which is healthier? Which tastes better? We could argue and discuss this for weeks and still not come to a final conclusion. After water, coffee and tea are among the most popular drinks worldwide. So literally everyone has an opinion about them.

Do you enjoy a wakeup coffee in the morning, or an afternoon tea to calm you down? Black coffee or milk coffee? Tea with or without milk, with some lemon juice or not? Preferences vary, but we are almost all united in enjoying these two great drinks.

We would like to take you on a little journey and explore the world of coffee and tea together.


The history of Low Calorie Sweeteners

Low calorie sweeteners have a long history of safe use, which dates back to the discovery of the first sweetener, saccharin, almost 145 years ago. Over the last century, many low calorie sweeteners have been developed for use in a variety of foods and beverages worldwide.

Low calorie sweeteners are among the most thoroughly tested food ingredients in the world, with a strong body of scientific evidence and extensive research supporting their safe use in foods, beverages, and as table top sweeteners.


Back to school!

2020 has offered us many surprises, challenges and a new view on life. Adapting to changes, keeping safe, respecting the safety measures imposed by the authorities, working from home and home schooling have been our main preoccupations and have kept us busy. Following the safety measures and preparing special re-opening plans, the schools are now receiving their students back. Parents and children are flooded with mixed feelings of fear, uncertainty, but also excitement and happiness. We would like to share with you just a few ideas for healthy snacks which you and your children will love. But they are not just great for getting back to school snacks and lunch boxes, they are great for adults too and what’s more – anytime you choose. Happy kids help make happy parents!