Healthy Salad Recipes

Made with low calorie Hermesetas

Everyone loves a fresh and healthy salad in summertime, and these healthy and delicious recipes made with low calorie Hermesetas Sweetener in the dressings are quick and easy to prepare for you and your guests to enjoy. Salads are the most obvious way to get your regular greens. In summer, salads are easy to think of, but don’t forget that they can be eaten and enjoyed all year round. Pimp up your salad with vegetable skewers, or have some baked asparagus as a side.

Our recipes will start you off and are so tasty that you can actually enjoy eating healthy food! Easy, fresh, and healthy salad recipes that can be on your dinner table in no time! Remember, mindful eating is all about focusing on your food and relishing what you’re eating. Raw, crunchy foods that need chewing are great, so you feel you’ve eaten more, such as crudités or just a fresh apple. We’re proud that Hermesetas can make a contribution to helping you maintain a healthy and balanced diet while still enjoying sweetness, without all those unwanted calories from sugar!