Relax & enjoy summertime! Picnic ideas

We’ll leave you to deal with the logistics details, of taking the blanket, the extra wet wipes and napkins and also thinking about bugs, and we will focus on sharing with you some amazing easy to make and serve healthy recipes for an unforgettable picnic.

Something savoury:

Marinated chicken skewers  are ready in no time and everybody will enjoy them. You should marinate them at home and prepare them on the grill or you can already cook them at home and just serve at the picnic – it’s your choice and your picnic that you are planning.

Salmon sandwich with roe sauce: Light as a summer breeze! Toast the bread before making the sandwiches, this will make the bread absorb more of the flavours and will not make it a heavy meal.

Its also important to have the right drink:


Rhubarb gin fizz for the adults                                                                                           


Blueberry and lime syrup for everybody

Something sweet is also a MUST:

Soaked lemon cake: refreshing, light and irresistible, this fluffy cake will be a summer delight for your amazing picnic.