World Chocolate Day! Chocolate inspiration

Different studies have shown that dark chocolate can even have positive health benefits for the body. The crucial thing to know is that the darker the chocolate the better it is for your health. Some of the benefits it offers are reducing your cholesterol level, fighting against depression, improving skin texture, and even preventing diabetes. Here is a collection of irresistible chocolate desserts for you to try:

Heart-shaped chocolate with pink filling

Heart-shaped chocolate with pink filling: Ready in 30 minutes these sweet hearts will just melt away. 

Vegan chocolate truffles: Deliciously healthy! Try making your own chocolate truffles – you will be amazed by the result!!

Chocolate Energy Balls: Vegan, raw & sugar free – you might think that sounds boring, but they actually taste really great and are ready in just 10 minutes. Might be the energy boost you were looking for!