Sugar Switching: Sorting fact from fiction

Sugar consumption reduction is at the forefront of most people’s minds. However, we all love reaching for sugar-laden products to help see us through the day, or to celebrate special occasions. From reaching for that chocolate biscuit at the 3pm slump during the working week to tucking into a dessert at weekends we just don’t want to give up our little treats that help us enjoy life. How do we balance the love of sugary treats and meals containing sugar, whilst lowering our sugar intake?  The good news is that independent studies have confirmed that Low calorie sweeteners (LCS), such as Hermesetas, have an important role to play in helping with sugar reduction. Read more in our new report Sugar Switching: Sorting fact from fiction. Here, the science shows that switching to LCS, like Hermesetas, not only provides people with a lower sugar diet option, but they also have an important role in relation to promoting weight management, good dental health and optimal blood sugar control. Please click on the link to start the PDF-download:

PDF: Sugar Switching – sorting the fact from the fiction